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Professional Mediators

Immediation is a provider of highly experienced professional mediators for all types of commercial and civil disputes, including workplace conflict resolution, throughout the UK.

We strongly believe that the solution is not just mediation, but IMMEDIATION - we provide mediators who can offer a skill set over and above the standard format for mediation. This approach to conflict and dispute resolution is dynamic, forward moving and flexible.

Disputes that appear to be deadlocked can be resolved by Immediationís unique approach which combines the expertise of our mediators with an in-depth understanding of what lies behind conflict, making resolution simpler and quicker. Our mediators reach the heart of disputes, enabling new solutions to emerge which can be used constructively in working towards a settlement.

Immediation is dedicated to providing the right person at the right place at the right time, able to use this extremely effective mediation process.


Seminars are available on Mediation Skills, Workplace Conflict Management, and Bullying and Harassment. Individual Coaching is also offered for Senior Managers involved in dealing with conflicts.

Why Mediate?

Mediation is a legally recognised alternative to litigation. Using mediation limits costs, saves time, minimises stress, retains confidentiality and improves communication and working relationships.

Contact Us

Immediation Ltd, 29 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QR

Tel: 0845 2572 734
Fax: 0845 2572 735.

cmc logoImmediation is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC).